Our School

Pinecrest PS

We acknowledge that our learning is taking place on unceded and unsurrendered Algonquin Territory. We thank the Algonquin Nation for hosting us and recognize their enduring presence on this land.

Our School

Pinecrest Public School is a uniquely designed site built in 1961. The amazing architecture of wide hallways, rounded walls and different size windows creates a warm and welcoming environment for students to learn in. Pinecrest is nestled within a residential area between Greenbank and Baseline Road. We have a unique site consisting of two buildings joined by a glass atrium providing a spacious place to greet parents and to view our primary students playing in the yard. Our school is surrounded by great open spaces that provide many opportunities for students to play a multitude of sports, explore the great outdoors and socialize with friends. Students and staff will agree that Pinecrest is a Pawsome place to be.

Our Students

Pinecrest has a very diverse and multi-cultural student body consisting of approximately 450 students from Kindergarten to grade 8. Our students represent over 40 countries and 29 languages. The many cultural and linguistic backgrounds represented in our school are recognized and celebrated throughout the year within a proud Canadian context. Upon completion of our grade 8 program, Woodroffe High School and Sir Robert Borden are our designated feeder schools.

Our Staff

Our staff consists of 35 teachers, 7 EA’s, 6 ECE’s, 6 lunch monitors, a librarian, a Multicultural Liaison Officer (MLO), a Student Resource Officer (SRO), 3 custodial staff, 2 office staff, a vice-principal and principal.

Pinecrest has a very dedicated staff that is caring, nurturing and patient. They continue to maintain a progressive approach to professional development concentrated around literacy and math initiatives as stated in our school learning plan. Our Student Services Division consists of a team of learning support teachers, learning resource teachers, and ESL teachers who collaborate with our school social worker, psychologist, learning support consultant and other OCDSB staff and Community Partners to plan for student success.

Our custodial staff possess a focused approach on maintaining and cleaning our school. Their enthusiasm towards working with our teachers on a variety of school-wide initiatives continues to have an amazing impact.

Our Community

Pinecrest is blessed with a team of school partners who enrich our learning and the quality of our student’s lives here at school. Lee Valley (Lee Valley Readers), Indigo (Adopt-a- School), IKEA, and a host of dedicated individual volunteers and community service groups including OCISO, the Kiwanis Club and Rotarians (Dictionaries for Life) have left and continue to leave a very positive imprint on our school and the learning of our students. Our staff and students are greatly appreciative of the many personal efforts, donations and grants that our community continues to provide each year to help support and enrich the learning for our students.

Our Pinecrest School Council is comprised of a group of parents/guardians and teaching and non-teaching staff. Our parent council is not a formal group but rather an energized group of parents that have made a commitment to come together with the principal, vice-principal and teaching staff to understand the needs of students in order to optimize their school experience. Topics being explored include the Imagine Garden Project initiative, how to use the public library and obtain a library card, how can I help my child read, write and do math, community presentations and many, many more. For those who wish to join us, we meet on the first Thursday of every month at 7:00 pm to explore our school initiatives and plan for student success.

Mission Statement

Together as a staff, we developed the following Vision/Mission statement that reflects our collective thoughts: Pinecrest Public School is a diverse and inclusive place for students to bridge the relationship between success in school and individual success in life. Our purpose is to understand our students in order to focus on academic excellence and their social/emotional growth.

Facilities and Resources

Pinecrest is a beautiful facility that is over 50 years old! Students on a daily basis enjoy a library that has up-to-date books and magazines, a round and square gym, a refurbished instrumental music room, a science lab equipped with chromebooks and robotics, a Design and Techroom, two reading nooks and lockers for students from grades 2 -8. During the school day, students have multiple opportunities to engage in play on a very large playground area with play structures, basketball courts, and upgraded multi-level soccer fields. Our very spacious school makes Pinecrest a very special place to be.

Programs and Services

Academic Programs

Pinecrest offers a regular English program from Kindergarten to grade 8. We offer Full Day Kindergarten for both Junior and Senior Kindergarten students. Core French is provided to all students and consists of 100 minutes of French weekly for Kindergarten students and 200 minutes of French weekly for students in grades 1 - 8. All students at Pinecrest will experience music comprised of an introduction to songs and music theory in the primary and junior divisions. Instrumental music begins in junior division with recorders and progresses to wood wind, brass and percussion instruments in grade 7 and 8. Our intermediate program includes a minimal rotation model with a focus on literacy, math and science & tech

Classroom Organization

This year, for in person learning, we have 2 Full Day Kindergarten classes, 8 Primary /Junior classes, 7 Intermediate classes.

Within the primary and junior divisions there is a mix of regular and split-grade classes.

Special Education and ESL Programs

Pinecrest has a DD Semi-Integrated Class that consists of six students, a teacher and two EAs.

ELD (English Literacy Development) students at Pinecrest spend 50% of their day with their ESL teacher for literacy, math and social studies. The other 50% of the day, the students join with their homeroom classes for art, music, French, and physical education.

All other students at Pinecrest with special educational needs are included in the regular classroom. Student needs are met within an inclusionary model with support from LST’s, LRT’s, ESL teachers, EA’s and ECE’s. On occasion, students are withdrawn from the classroom to work with a small group of students and a teacher on very targeted learning goals. At Pinecrest, we believe in a team approach to student learning that includes both home and school. Communication with home is crucial. Parents are encouraged to call and ask questions or seek clarification when necessary. The school, on occasion, may also call parents with an invitation to come into the school to receive academic feedback, review learning goals and set new goals.

Clubs and Activities

  • Music opportunities include Hand Bell Choir, Glee club and much more.

  • The “Battle of the Bands” that sports friendly music competition between intermediate classes.

  • A large number of sports teams and inter-school leagues

  • Intramural activities for Junior and Intermediate students

  • A variety of noon-hour activities and clubs compliments a wide variety of student interests (Writing club, Comic Club, Chess, Running Club to mention a few).

  • Assemblies to recognize student success and excellence and promote good citizenship

Safe Schools Initiatives

The WITS program is a school-wide initiative at Pinecrest. Through posters, read alouds, assemblies and classroom activities students will be learning how to deal with a variety of situations by Walking Away, Ignoring, Talking It Out, and/or Seeking Help. Through WITS and a concentration on our Community of Character traits, students will be strongly encouraged to keep themselves and their friends safe at school. As stated in our Code of Behaviour (see student agenda), we believe that everyone has the right to be listened to and to be respected by others. In order to be successful in learning and work, everyone needs to have order and quiet when working. Everyone has the responsibility to maintain and enjoy a clean and attractive school environment.

Other ongoing initiatives at Pinecrest to support and promote a safe school include;

  • Learning to get along through outdoor games such as basketball, hopscotch, 4-square, and soccer.

  • School Administration & staff developing a focus on Community of Character through morning messages and character assemblies.

  • Focus on translating all documents that provide important information for parents.

  • Maintaining a school and community relationship with our School Resource Officer from the Ottawa-Carleton Regional Police.

  • Homework Outreach Program through Continuing Education where a tutor works both in our school and at the boys and girls club to support student homework needs.

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