Achievement and SIP

Achievement and School Improvement Planning

Measures of Student Achievement and Success

•Progress reports on November 20th

•Formal report cards to go home on Feb 11th & June 23rd

•A range of classroom assessments including portfolios, rubrics, cooperative learning opportunities, and peer and self- assessment

•PM Benchmarks, DRA & EQAO assessments help to target instruction based on student needs

•CASI (Junior & Intermediate grades)

•Formal school assessments

School Learning Plans and Initiatives

The staff at Pinecrest believe that our students are capable of achieving great results! To ensure that students are achieving to the best of their ability, administration, in collaboration with staff, examines the Board Improvement Plan, school data and student needs to develop and revise a school wide learning plan on a regular basis. The plan is a “live” document that is focused and realistic based on the students being taught and the needs in the classroom. A strong emphasis has been placed on Literacy and this will continue. In conjunction, a focus towards transferring literacy skills to math will be added to develop greater proficiency of basic numeration skills in order to creatively solve various mathematical problems using a variety of strategies in all grades.

Staff, students, math coach and admin will explore the following questions;

1. How will using manipulatives allow students to become more creative in their mathematical thinking?

2. How will teachers effectively assess student work that encompasses multiple mathematical solutions?

3. How will posting student friendly task criteria help students deepen their critical thinking?

4. What opportunities are available to parents to support the development of basic numeration skills and critical thinking?

The focused questions will also be shared and explored with parents during School Council meetings and in monthly newsletters. The information learned and data gathered during exploration will be used to set direction for the next phase of student learning.

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